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"Happy Shoulders"

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We are happy to host the special guest Yiannis in our studio.

Read about his workshop:

We proudly present “Happy Shoulders”, a specialized Yoga Thai Massage weekend with Yannis Katsanas.

This two-day seminar, is aimed to deepen the understanding of the shoulder and neck region. We will identify some of the common problems presented in this area and improve the efficiency of our sessions. We will study and practice on the shoulder joint and whatever is surrounding it such as the arms, the thorax, the back and the neck, the breathing and lymphatic systems, the lungs and the heart. This is an area full of tensions that we usually try to release without satisfactory results.
By understanding that it is not just a "joint" but a focal point between the arms and the heart, a point between matter and emotion, we will be given the opportunity to communicate not only with the symptom but also with the cause. We will learn how to deal with a wide range of cases, like frozen shoulder, neck problems, chronic back pain, tiredness, bad posture, stress effects.

Keeping the flow and the holistic view and respectfulness of traditional Thai massage, we suggest new ways to offer relief and healing. The TST method (Trouble Solving Techniques) evolved by Yiannis Katsanas and Panayiotis Tsetsonis, after many years of experience and consists of functional techniques that are carefully selected from Osteothai background (osteopathy applied on thai massage), static traditional thai yoga massage, dynamic-rhythmical massage, manual therapy, reflexology, and the principles of physiotherapy. We work in a way that protects the therapist’s body as we emphasize observation and connection with the therapeutic state that is created and explore the possibilities of bringing more awareness in our touch.

Initially trained in 2008 by one of his most beloved and respected teachers Krishnatakis form Sunshine House Greece, Yiannis had the pleasure to first participate and later assist (2010 onwards) almost every Yoga Thai Massage course held in sunshine house since then. Further trained by David Lutt and many more (s.b. to name a few), Yiannis has become not only an expert in Yoga Thai Massage, but has also extensively studied Osteo Thai techniques to extend his expert skills and include this very precise and effective therapy in his treatment and teachings. He is also influenced by his studies of Cranio sacral therapy, reflexology and Lomi Lomi practice.

Yiannis’s very humble and calm nature, combined with his deep knowledge, creativity and precision of touch, make him a well appreciated and known therapist in and outside the sunshine house network and community. For him the mindful and caring touch is way to communicate and express himself, to give loving kindness and deep compassion.

This course is aimed at those who have completed a basic Thai yoga massage course or any other kind of massage work, to physiotherapists or other body therapists that want to deepen their knowledge and develop their technique, as well as to find new ways to approach difficult areas of the body with ease and certainty.

Saturday, 12. May 2018
Start 11:00 – 20:00 – exact schedule to be announced

Sunday, 13. May 2018
Start 12:00 – 21:00 – exact schedule to be announced

Early bird: 180€ (registration until 31. March 2018)
220€ regular

Register via email to:
You will then receive a confirmation of registration and details for payment.

Krishnatiakis (Takis Oikonomou)
David Lutt
Jack Chaiya
Arno L’Hermitte
Kaline Alayne Kelly
Carrie Rowell
Rosemary Wallace
Maria Mpourli
Qwen Williams


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